Sale and distribution

We always welcome new distributors and resellers of our products.

From our experience in different markets, we know for exampel that the market potential first year for the Poisen Extrator®, is about 2 % of the population.

Distribution and channels for our products are multiple:

  • Pharmacies
  • Drugstores
  • Gas stations
  • Sports shops
  • Cosmetic shops
  • Hospitals
  • Retal chains/Supermarkets
  • Inter/Mail-order

Furthermore, the products can be sold directly to a number of interesting organizations:

  • the Army
  • Associations for allergic people
  • Boy scout associations
  • Associations/clubs for golfplayers, campers, fishermen etc. 

The product is very suitable for First Aid kits

If you are interested in distribution please dont hesitate to contact us