Poison Extractor®

The Poison Extractor® is the world-wide succcesful first aid product when stung og bitten by insects like bee and wasp, snake, scorpion, spider etc.

Everybody knows how unpleasant it is to be stung.

We have invented a method which reduces and in most cases removes the discomfort of the sting completely.

No needle, medicine, or ointment needed!

When used immediately, extracts the venom from a sting or bite, giving fast relief for the victim. Ideal for use on Bee, Wasp and Mosquito stings, but also works for e.g. snake bites, spiders and scorpions.

Consumers have used the Poison Extractor® through more than 20 years. That is our greatest recommendation.

Poison Extractor® is CE approved according to European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)


2-in-1 Tick Remover

The 2-in-1 Tick Remover is patented and developed by Dr. Schick. The Tick Remover is a high quality product which can be used to efficiently remove Ticks from the skin of both humans and PETS.

When removing ticks it is important that they are removed completely. The design of the tick remover helps removing ticks completely by "twisting" the tick out of the skin and thus leaving no parts attached to the skin.

The two ends are used to remove newly and fully attached ticks respectively.