Personal Care Group is a danish company.

We help you feel safe when you move outside in nature.

Nature’s own solutions

We are a healthcare company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative
and natural products for everyone, regardless of age and gender.
These products aim to be natural, recyclable and sustainable.
Avoid harmful chemistry for nature and human beings.


Super quality and efficient. Patented “2 in 1” tick remover developed by Dr. Schick. It can be used for all sizes of ticks.

Poison Extractor™

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to be stabbed or bitten by an insect. Therefore, we have invented a method which reduces,and in most cases removes the discomfort of the sting completely.

PCG Aps (Personal Care Group)

Thyrasvej 8, DK-2960 rungsted Coast

Tel: + 45 49 18 16 70

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